Day nine

Start 134.6

Finish 152

Weird day, woke up at 4am to try to get to paradise valley before 3 cause that’s when they close on Monday’s and Tuesday. I hustled along all morning and made it there by 1:20!!! 17.9 miles by 1.

The last two days I’ve woken up I’ve been real dizzy for awhile, any sort of movement makes me even more dizzy. I decided to skip the fire alternate and head into Idyllwild for a few days of rest and relaxation. I’ve been pushing myself really hard and I think it’s catching up to me.

I have two nights booked here and I’ll hike out either Wednesday morning or Thursday morning.


Day seven

Day seven? But tomorrow will be a week since I’ve been on trail? Anyways….

Start 101.1

Finish 115.0

Pretty laid back day, hiked 8 miles into Warner Springs. On the way I passed about 15 day hikers and was immediately reminded that it’s Saturday.

Passed a herd of cows while leaving eagle rock. Was awesome.

The weather today was perfect, I think the high was maybe 71. It felt so good.

I got into warner springs around 9am right as the community center was opening, I gave a donation, grabbed an Arizona iced tea and found a ride to the post office to pick up the box I mailed myself earlier this month. I hung out in warner springs until 2ish and then decided to head out, the rest of the group is staying behind tonight so I may not see them for awhile.

Day eight

Start 115.0

Finish 134.6

Rough day, couldn’t find the motivation or power to go fast, just kinda missed along. Got to Mikes Place around 11a and stayed there till two then left because I felt really awkward and some of the dudes were hella creepy.

The last 5 hours of the day were spent barely shuffling along, popping blisters, playing around on my phone….

and now because I gooofed off all afternoon I’m 20 miles away from paradise valley cafe and they close at 3 tomorrow. Pretty bummed

Day six

Start 77.0

Finish 101.1

Total 24.1

Day six was a success. I woke up at 5am in Julian but figured no one would pick me up hitchhiking that early. I waited until six and started gathering my things. I said goodbye to picnic and I really hope we see each other on trail again, I’ll miss her.

Started hitching and about 25 minutes later I got a ride from a group of teachers that teach down in Borrego Springs, started my hike at 7:20am. Met a section hiker heading south and he was super nice, only saw two people until I got to third gate water cache 14 miles in and then saw about ten hikers there. I wasted no time, ditched my pack up top gathered my bottles and hiked down. Met another section hiker named Gary and picked up some trash then headed back up where I ate some leftover pizza and headed out!

Started chaffing pretty bad around mild 97 so the last 4 miles have been pretty rough. Glad I got my first 20+ day in though and I think after I get some rest I’ll be able to do them consistently.

There was also some amazing trail magic at camp tonight in the form of beers and Mountain Dew. Thank you trail Angels!!!!

Life is good, tomorrow will I’ll be heading into warner springs.

Day five

Start 63.7

Finish 77.5

Woke up at 4:15 and stayed in bed for a good twenty minutes until I saw two hikers hike on in the dark. I slowly got out of bed and threw everything in my pack in no order whatsoever. I wanted to get into Julian get some food and get back on trail.

We hit the first water source 5 miles in in less than 2 hours, Dry.

The rest of the group stayed behind and I pushed on to beat the heat and to have some alone time. I ended up making it 14 miles to scissors crossing at 10:20a. My legs feel great, my feet are a bit sore, but I’m capable of doing these big miles.

Today (day 6) will be a good test, and I’m sure the PCT will slap me across the face and make me regret it but I’m going to attempt 25 today to camp at barrel springs and get to warner springs tomorrow before the post office closes.

I’m already getting a late start because we got a hotel in Julian, and I’ll be hiking through the hottest part of the day for sure up and down some pretty hard terrain. But if I just keep walking I’ll make it to mile 100 by 9pm.

Day four

Start 47.5

Finish 63.7

A really mellow day, I’m all set up at camp by 4p we’re waiting for one more from our group to hobble in.

Saw a rattle snake today, almost stepped on a gardner snake and saw two horned lizards. So many damn birds I wish I was better at identifying them.

Got some trail magic which was a grapefruit and a Pct themed buff which looks awesome. I remember this stretch last year and now I understand why Sphagnum was mad at me for doing 20. Today was hard

Looking forward to Julian. Waking up at 4am to bear the heat. 13 miles until scissors crossing.

Day three

Start 32.6

Finish 47.5

Today was my first 10×10 (ten miles by ten am) on this hike. Hikes into Mount Laguna and had a nice breakfast. Beer, pancakes and eggs. After charging my electronics a bit I decided to head out and get some more miles in. I had the entire trail to myself it was so nice, I only saw one thru hiker and 3 day hikers for miles and miles. Got to the meeting spot for our group by 3 and they showed up around 5:30 so I got to air out the feet a bit and relax.

Big waterless stretch coming up soon. Next town is Julian.